October 22


Don’t Make These Graphic Design Mistakes

By Hackworth

October 22, 2012

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Graphic Design MistakesThere are many mistakes involved in graphic design. People are now jumping straight in, because there is so much software available these days.

If you do not want to make mistakes follow these simple rules:

If there is too much written word on the page with, long paragraphs, these are called gray pages. Make sure your headers and sub headers stand out from the text, so that the reader can see instantly how the work has been broken down. Grab those reader’s interests without writing too much gray.

Make sure you allow for white space on your page. This will limit eyestrain and give the work an easy to read format, because it will be clear. Do not try to write too much in the one space or paragraph.

Another common mistake if you are not an experienced designer is mixing graphics. Try not to mix photos, line drawings or clip arts on the same page unless it really does give the page meaning. Sometimes it can give an unclear picture about what the text is really about.

Not only can you mix images that will break up the page, using too many pictures can have the same effect. Do not use to simply fill spaces. Give your images meaning on the page; after all, they are probably intended to sell your product.

What format would you choose? Will it be vector or raster? Vectors will not lose their sharpness when scaling, whereas raster’s do. Again, as with all image layouts; try not to overload the space and choose the formats wisely.

Why do people use so many different types of font in their work? Sometimes it is not necessary, because it can break up the intended meaning of the written text. Make sure you use formal and informal texts in the right context too. If you are using different fonts to make headings stand out, just try using the heading style that comes with your word product. These work just as well, and they do not lose the flow of the work.

Other problems that may be encountered are line spacing. This will be determined at the time of writing, depending on the theme or topic of the work. Try to match your line spacing with the font size, type of font and the length of the line. Everything should blend the same as the points above.

If you don’t have time to mess with the design elements right, Hackworth has three full time graphic designers ready to help you take your idea and bring it to life. Call us at 800-676-2424.


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