Wide Format Scanners

Kip 2300 scanner
Contex offers a wide range of solutions that include state of the art digital copying and large format scanning solutions. World leader in large format scanning, Contex takes pride in producing highly advanced technology and innovative scan and copy software applications.

When it comes to wide format scanners that are capable of providing imaging solutions for color and monochrome scanning needs in a cost effective manner, there is hardly a better choice than Colortrac. With a long history of innovation coupled with affordability, Colortrac is considered as the pioneer of cost-effective wide format imaging solutions. View Scanners

HP Designjet HD Scanner
– Now enjoy the easiest of in-house copy and scanning with a single touch of a button with HD scanners from HP. Innovative digital imaging systems make it easier for you to create digital copies from original documents by scanning and copying through integrated HP scan-copy-print systems. HP color copying/scanning solutions significantly reduce turnaround times while providing high-quality at the same time .

Kip 2300 scanner
KIP 2300 Scanner
– The KIP 2300, latest production scan system to rock the high resolution solutions, is a high speed imaging systems that combines enhanced color scan and world-class monochrome imaging quality through an remarkably versatile and ergonomic design that is perfect for any kind of environment. The KIP 2300 scanner set an exceptionally high standard for high productivity by embodying fast speed, flexibility, and quality in this innovative digital imaging system. You would hardly be able to get a better scan solution that offers exceptional workflow flexibility than the KIP 2300.

Wide format digital imaging systems from Graphtec provide solutions for Mapping, CAD, Reprographics, Document Archiving, and GIS applications. Graphtec is one of the major provider of quality imaging products in the world for quality scanners that use Contact Image Sensor (CIS) technology to provide high speed and quality. This enables users of large format scanners to enjoy higher accuracy in geometric scanning, enhanced reliability, and high-speed capture, along with other performance advantages at a lower cost.