June 9


Using Banners for Short-Term Marketing Messages

By gohackworth

June 9, 2023

It’s crucial to generate awareness about the services and amenities provided by your establishment. In today’s competitive landscape, it’s especially important to make your facility stand out. Banners are a highly effective and versatile tool to achieve this. Here are some compelling reasons why banners work well for marketing messages in various settings:

  1. Cost-effective Advertising

    Banners offer a cost-effective approach to advertising. Whether displayed indoors or outdoors, banners serve as a flexible marketing tool for any facility. Customizable vinyl banners allow you to showcase a wide range of elements such as images, messages, logos, and text, providing endless options at an affordable price.
  2. Easy Implementation

    Banners are simple to implement. Hang them up, and they start working immediately. No complicated technology is required for display or operation. This hassle-free process saves both time and money.
  3. Portability and Lightweight

    Banners are portable and lightweight, making them ideal for establishments that need to move their message around. They can be easily folded and carried to different events, including trade shows, fairs, and other gatherings.
  4. No Hidden or Recurring Costs

    Banners come with no hidden or recurring costs. Once you have created your banner, you’re good to go. There are no additional expenses or fees, making it a one-time investment.
  5. Extending Your Message

    Displaying a banner outside your establishment reinforces your brand and message. It catches the attention of potential customers who may not have been aware of your offerings, effectively carrying your message from inside to outside.
  6. Affordable Benefits of Multiple Banners

    Having multiple banners provides affordable benefits, particularly in terms of size options. You can easily create banners of various sizes to suit your needs, ranging from small tabletop banners to large outdoor displays.
  7. Easy Message Repetition

    With multiple banners, you can display them at different locations, events, and occasions. This ensures a consistent brand message across multiple settings, contributing to enhanced brand recognition.
  8. Flexibility for Updates

    By maintaining the same design for your new banners, you have the flexibility to change your message as needed. This allows for easy updates with new information or the promotion of different offerings.
  9. Leaving a Lasting Impression

    Custom banners create a lasting impression for your establishment. They provide a professional and visually appealing look, making it easier for potential customers to remember your facility and its offerings.

Banners offer a cost-effective and versatile means to promote the services and amenities of your establishment. They are easy to create and implement, leaving a lasting impression that aids in building brand recognition. Consider incorporating banners into your marketing strategy to make your facility stand out and attract a wider audience.


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In 1991, Hackworth opened its doors as a blue printer in Chesapeake, VA. Under the direction of Dorothy and Charlie Hackworth and their son Charles, the business is now a full-fledged graphics, printing and technology company serving the Mid-Atlantic.

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