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Smart Graphic Design for Smart Businesses

By Hackworth

April 9, 2013

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creative_thoughtGraphic design is an extension of art in business strategy. Businesses need to convey messages to the masses though print media, like newspapers, signage, posters, vehicle wraps, hoardings, pamphlets, etc. Designing these messages in a way that reaches maximum number of the particular company’s clientele is very essential for the progress of that company.

In the 21st century however there was an evident shift from the print media to visual or virtual modes of communication. Audiences can be targeted via emails and web pages more easily, therefore visual communication, also known as communication designing, is rapidly coming into the picture.

The branding of a company holds prime importance as it represents the public face of that particular company. Signs and messages can be printed and delivered in unique ways. This aims to catch the attention of the masses toward a brand in midst of the increasing competition. Mostly retail products engage in extensive branding, reaching out to selected clients for their particular products.

Graphic designers can serve a growing business in many ways. Some of the types of graphic design that a company owner should know about before indulging in any branding exercise are:

  • Symbols and Logos: They primarily work as identifiers of the company’s brand, like the big ‘M’ sign for MacDonald’s, or the eaten apple sign for Apple. People relate to a particular sign more often than texts or pictures. Therefore designing an eye-catching symbol which can imprint itself in people’s minds for a long time is very essential. Usually it signifies the origin or the concept of the company which in time is synonymous to the company’s name itself.
  • Type-based image: These can be used in cases where words are used to convey a message. This is better known as ‘tag lines’ for companies. The message is as important as the representation of the word in print. The text design and the color palette chosen to write the message can determine the popularity of such a message.
  • Images: Designers often explore the boundaries of a written message and convert them into pictures and images which essentially mean the same. This art form is termed as typography, in which a designer uses photographs, fine art, and visual illusion to covey a text message. A designer can act as a bridge between the company and its audience, exploring and experimenting different possible ways to put across the message aimed at increasing the business of a company.
  • Image-based designs: Images always tell more than words. Choosing the right image or graphic to go hand-in-hand with the enterprise’s interest is a critical task for the designer. Vehicle wraps or road dividers can be used to put up image-based messages which will catch the audience’s eye during their mundane daily routine. Catchy images which are able to make your audiences stop back and wonder can attract businesses from much unexpected sources.

These and many more modes of designing can help jump-start your business. In such competitive times standing out in the market is the biggest challenge for an emerging business. A good graphic design expert can increase the brand value of your company giving you various opportunities from many avenues.


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In 1991, Hackworth opened its doors as a blue printer in Chesapeake, VA. Under the direction of Dorothy and Charlie Hackworth and their son Charles, the business is now a full-fledged graphics, printing and technology company serving the Mid-Atlantic.

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