April 2


KIP 7100 + KIP Request = Time Money Saved

By Hackworth

April 2, 2009

KIP 7100, KIP Request

You have a huge multi-page PDF file and only need to print a few of the drawings in that file. Due to the large file size you cannot e-mail the job to your local reprographic shop and instead you copy it to your jump drive. Then you have to take the jump drive to the local reprographic shop for them to extract only the drawings you need and have them printed.

With the KIP 7100 and the KIP Request Software you can, with the click of the mouse, convert the huge multi-page PDF to a standard PDF. It will then create individual files of the drawings so that you can isolate only the drawings that you want to print. There is no longer any need to save the whole multi-page PDF file to a jump drive and pay a reprographic shop to do the work. Now you just convert the file in KIP Request and send only the desired prints directly to the KIP 7100 for instant results. This one application alone is a real time and money saver for you, and is only one of the many new capabilities provided by Hackworth that will improve your productivity by enhancing your document workflow process.


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In 1991, Hackworth opened its doors as a blue printer in Chesapeake, VA. Under the direction of Dorothy and Charlie Hackworth and their son Charles, the business is now a full-fledged graphics, printing and technology company serving the Mid-Atlantic.

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