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4 Tips for Designing a Stand-Out Business Card

By Hackworth

June 21, 2013

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Business Card Design TipsThe purpose of a business card is to get you noticed. Even in today’s world overwhelmed with technology, a physical card promoting your business is still an essential tool that could garner your business new effective leads. When you keep it simple with bare essentials such as business name, email and URL, there will be lots of room for dramatic expression. Here are four tips to help you create a card that gets you the calls you seek.


Entrepreneur recommends creating event-specific cards in small quantities. Your cards can be a directed call to action for a specific purpose. They can act as targeted advertising. Consider directing card focus to trade shows, specific download sharing or show-specific offers. At social events, distribute cards that invite partygoers to take a look at photos of the gathering at a microsite or on Facebook. Include other socially relevant sites on your cards, such as Pinterest and YouTube.

Dual Purpose

Multitasking your business card is another way to generate the kind of interest you’re looking for. Examples of ways cards can have alternative uses is as bookmarks, key chains, magnets, stickers, note cards and other conversation pieces.

Stand Out

You can create a bold look with a number of techniques, including bright color, glossy surface, textured surface, non-standard sizing and non-standard shape. One or more of these techniques can be combined for an unusual look that some may save just because of the novelty. An example might be a glossy oversized red card shaped like an elephant for digital storage services. It could be associated with a slogan such as, “We remember everything.”

Use Different Materials

This is one way your business cards can make a high-impact statement. An example is using material such as wood or vinyl for a business card representing a flooring company. An indestructible acrylic business card in a bold color will be difficult to overlook. A rigid brightly colored calling card might be the one that’s most memorable. Companies with a green or environmentally conscious ethic may choose recycled material while making a note of that on the card.

MomDot has some amazing examples of business cards that are completely startling and unforgettable. For example, there is the divorce lawyer’s card with a serrated edge down the middle so that it can easily be torn in half. Another example is an exquisitely simple leaf stamped with a grasshopper and a street address. Playing cards embossed with a stunning designer portfolio are yet another example of ingenuity and creativity combining to produce outstanding marketing in the form of a business card.

Choose just one of the above techniques, or combine them. When you think out of the box, people will notice. You need to generate interest to rise above the sea of the ordinary. Bring your imagination, ideas and enthusiasm to our  Color Department and we can turn your idea into reality. You will find the sky’s the limit on what you can achieve in effective marketing.

If you need additional help designing your cards or don’t have the time, contact one of our full time graphic designers at 757-545-7675. We’ll be glad to help.

What ways does your business card stand out? Tell us in the comments.


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  1. I’ll have to keep this advice in mind when designing business cards. I like the idea you’ve given for designing a business cards with multiple uses, like a key chain, bookmark, or sticker since this would make a good conversation piece. I’ll also have to try making cards from different materials to stand out and have a higher impact for my message, like you said.

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