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2013 Latest Trends in Graphic Design

By Hackworth

June 11, 2013

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2013 Lastest Trends in Graphic DesignGraphic design is a unique field which brings art, technology, and marketing practices into one medium. It is the art of sending a message, mostly advertisement for businesses, in a creative manner which will grab the attention of the targeted masses. There is a lot of scope for creativity in the field, where an artist can play with the elements to design unique content and advertising tools which can get a brand noticed. As it is the case with every field, graphic design is subject to constant change and development of new creative niches. The trends popular at any given time can be drastically different from the preceding trends.

Being a professional graphic designer it is necessary to keep up with the changing trends in order to get recognition for your art. The various aspects that determine a well designed poster or signage are the script used, colors used, material used for printing and so on. Below are some of the latest trends in the field of graphic designing, which have made their mark in the current time.

Hand Drawings Are Back

Remember how much we all loved hand drawn illustrations of circus and upcoming movies put up on street corners earlier. The concept has not died but reborn in the modern era, where hand drawn illustrations are effectively combined with digital art to make wonderful designs. The growing trend is catching up with commercial giants like Urban Outfitters, Ford, Nokia, and Microsoft as they appreciate the intricacies of the art. Experts acknowledge that this is the purest form of art and very hard to copy as is the case with other digital forms of designs.

Animated Cinema Graphs

This innovative new style of graphic design combines animation with still pictures to create unique and some times humorous graphics. This technique has gained tremendous popularity in recent times. These animated GIFs are a latest buzz across social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, which are some of the best online marketing platforms for businesses across the world.

Big and Bold Is In

Many new artists in the field of digital art and conventional graphic design are opting for bold colors and big characters in their design. This trend is getting noticed and preferred as it displays the message in a simple but bold tone. Experts say the trend is particularly popular amongst the younger generation who can relate to the bold text and colors.

The Vintage Look

More than likely you have come across many pictures and graphics in various advertising and media platforms resembling themes from 20, 30 or 40 years ago. These vintage themes can be seen in applications such as Instagram, a popular photo app for smartphones. It proves that design elements and trends can return after many years of absence.

Short and Sweet

It is repeatedly said that a branding, logos and identities of companies should be simple, without any complicated designs. Simple designs tend to get imprinted in people’s mind better than complicated ones. More and more leading companies have stripped their existing logos to a minimal design and have introduced bright colors in order to communicate their brand more effectively.

Design trends come and go but one thing remains true, find trusted graphic designers to help communicate the message of your business. They can help you deliver a professional brand, logo and identity to the world. The easier it is for customers to understand your business the more customers you will have.

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